• Attack Defense Alarm (New)

This device is your last line of defense in home attacks. If all other security measures (early warning, security fencing, outdoor beams, house alarm, etc) fail, this device could save your life. Once an intruder holds you at gun point or ties you up, your panic button, cellphone, radio or armed response service is useless. The only way to get help, is for the intruder himself to invoke that. Your best chance for him to trigger help, is to booby trap your safe or cash stash. This system does it. Whenever the attacker asks you where your safe's keys are, or where you hide any money - you direct him to the jewelry box (containing some money or the keys to the safe) which has an automatic 24/7 switch built in to call a friend (up to 6 numbers one after the other) and/or send up to 3 SMS's to call for help. In addition, it gives you 2 remote controls that you could carry on you permanently, giving you a much better chance to push a panic button than the fixed ones installed in your house or attached to your car keys. On top of that, you get an Infra red sensor that could also be triggered as a booby trap by just putting it in a drawer or box where the intruder will search for valuables. All you need for this system to work, is cellular phone reception, a sim card and some friends or relatives who will help when you are in distress. The main unit has built in battery backup in case of power failures.

Detailed instructions for this specific application is included. Operation is simple and effective. The complete alarm system is brand new, with power supply, 2x remotes, home made box, infra red eye and siren. The system is modified for the unique application as described above. The jewelry box as illustrated may be looking different. The box is hand made and each system's box is uniquely different so as to not alert clever and knowledgeable intruders. Sensors come with batteries included. Sensors use simple 12v remote control batteries. Sim card not included - get one from your local service provider and add some air time and SMS's to it.

Attack Defense Alarm (New)

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