About Us

Cash4Stash Garage Sale

The concept of Cash4Stash is to provide the community with an easy online Garage Sale/Jumble Sale/Car Boot Sale/Yard Sale opportunity. As such, the site partially belongs to the community. Cash4Stash plays the role of facilitator for community members to offload their unwanted goods to those who need it.  In stead of physically opening up your home or garage, people can "walk" through all your redundant goods in the comfort of their own space and time. It is also a security risk nowadays to open up your space for the public. Handling cash is another a security risk. With Cash4Stash, people don't have to carry a lot of cash around, they can simply use their credit/debit cards for payment.


What makes Cash4Stash different from other online classifieds sites, is the principle of "bargain finds". It can be expected from a traditional garage sale that items will be on sale at prices that are well below their intrinsic value.  People who want to sell their items on Cash4Stash must therefore see it as an opportunity to get rid of unused items rather than trying to achieve compensation at full market value. If you become a seller at Cash4Stash, please keep this in mind. It is best to use other classifieds sites if you are not prepared to part with your goods at real low prices.


A traditional Garage Sale is obviously a local affair. The same holds true for Cash4Stash. We strive to open a local online Garage Sale for each area in the country rather than trying to have a national store. The main reason for that is that we would like to keep things simple with basic interaction between buyer and seller, rather than complicating things with the logistics of shipping and packaging. The buyer who presumably lives in the same town, receives the telephone number of the seller online and right after the payment is done. They can then agree on how and where to meet to hand over the goods.

Buyer protection

One of the concerns that may put a buyer off from buying online, is that he or she did not see or handle the product before they pay for it. For this reason, the buyer gets 72 hours during which the product can be returned. The buyer's money is safe within that period. Should the buyer collect the product and is not fully satisfied with the deal, the product can be taken back to the seller and the buyer will be refunded. No questions asked. The refund is subject to an administrative fee. The procedure, terms and conditions for claiming your money back is outlined in the terms and conditions section.

Automated Donations (optional for sellers)

People sometimes want to get rid of their surplus goods by donating it to charity. It is well known that some welfare organisations and certain churches accept these donations from the public and then run their own store as a fundraiser for their cause. Cash4Stash wants to aid these establishments by providing an online service. Their members and supporters can now list their unwanted articles on Cash4Stash themselves. When a seller choose to make a contribution to a cause, Cash4Stash will automatically pay the chosen contribution to the said cause.  The seller can choose at which level they want to support the charity. It could be either 10%, 25%, 50% or 100% of the net price of the goods. People sometimes have goods that have a higher monetary value and however much they would have liked to donate it, they hold back because they are not comfortable to donate all of its worth. They can now decide to only donate a percentage of it.  Cash4Stash therefore provides the opportunity for charities to benefit from a greater number of goods that people want to sell.