Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Cash4Stash garage sale is a site where any community member can join in to buy or hold his or her own "garage sale" as long as he or she is 18 years old or more. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions outlined below, you may not register as a buyer or a seller.

The philosophy and business principles of Cash4Stash:

Low Prices. If you want to be a seller on Cash4Stash, you must be prepared to list your redundant stuff at exceptionally low prices. Instead of being a place to sell one or two valuable products for which you want market related compensation, Cash4Stash is the place where you can list many (if not all) things in your home that you don't need any more. By listing a mix of valuable and not so valuable goods - all at prices that will ensure a quick turnover -  you can still achieve an amazing cash return for stuff that is doing nothing for you at the moment. In our experience, the average middle class home in South Africa has at least R30 000 lying around in cheaply priced unused goods. The final published price will be 10% higher than the asking price of sellers. This markup difference will be used for payment gateway and administrative costs and does not become part of the "full sales return" as described elsewhere in this document. The minimum credit card payment amount is R120. If an order total is less than R120, PayFast InstantEFT can still be used.

If you are a buyer on Cash4Stash, you benefit by having access to a huge variety of second hand merchandise at unbelievable prices. Buying these bargains require that you pay online through PayFast, a secure South African payment gateway with different payment options. When the online transaction has completed, a buyer is required to contact the seller and arrange to meet him or her at a suitable location to pick up the acquired goods. Before a buyer buys an item, he or she can see where the product needs to be picked up by looking at the "Area" description next to each listed product.

Multiple Items
To initially qualify as a seller, you need to upload at least 10 items. As time goes by, a seller can constantly add more products if he or she chooses to do so. We suggest that a seller set a target for the amount of money to be made and keep on listing goods until the goal is met.

A buyer who buys multiple items at a time, must insure to collect the products from all the sellers involved in the transaction. After the online payment, a buyer is directed to a web page ("downloads") where he or she can download the names and telephone numbers of the sellers of the goods.  Each product is linked to a specific seller, and it may happen that when a buyer bought more than one item, the different items may have to be collected from more than one seller. The first part of the product code indicates the area and initials of a seller. This enables a buyer to identify beforehand which products are from the same seller and which are not.

Geographic Location
Cash4Stash Mosselbaai is the name of this particular site. We envisage each and every town and/or suburb (in bigger cities) having its own local Cash4Stash site. For the moment, Mosselbaai (Mossel Bay) is the only location available. Prospective sellers who are not within a reasonable proximity of Mosselbaai, can send Cash4Stash an e-mail (Contact Us) which could help us to determine in which area to open a following Cash4Stash branch. Cash4Stash will communicate expansion plans to such correspondents. Prospective business minded people who would like to open a branch of Cash4Stash anywhere in South Africa could also send us an email to discuss the possibility of a franchise opportunity.

Once a buyer pays for an item from a seller's listings, he or she will be furnished with the seller's telephone number. By becoming a seller, you are giving your consent for this to happen. The buyer will contact the seller directly and arrange for the collection of the goods.  The seller also undertake to be available on the supplied phone number for most of the day (for at least 6 days of every week) to accept calls from buyers. An additional Privacy Policy applies to the website and forms part of the total terms and conditions.

Logistical details

Sellers must be willing to upload a short description and a few pictures (up to 5) of every item they wish to advertise. The "price" entered is the amount that the seller would like to receive in exchange for the item. A computer, cellular phone or tablet and an internet connection is required. Registered sellers will obtain the instructions of how to do it.

Each item listed by a seller must contain truthful information about its condition. Describe the general condition and whether the item is in working condition, etc. Deliberate misrepresentations of a seller's listed items will only become an embarrassment to him or her and is a serious offense in the eyes of Cash4Stash. It could lead to the immediate suspension of a seller's advertising privilege.

As a seller, it is your duty to entertain calls from buyers and co-operate promptly in handing over your sales goods in a polite way. You can choose the time and location of the exchange arrangement, but you may not unduly delay the meeting. 

Buyers may complain whenever sellers are not co-operating in handing over purchased items in an expedient way. It is within the sole discretion of Cash4Stash to decide whether to continue or withdraw the items listed by such a seller. Cash4Stash is not obliged to give any reason for withdrawing the presence of any particular seller. However, no seller will be taken off the site without having a chance of defending his or her conduct.

Should the seller become temporarily unavailable for being contacted by buyers, it is his or her duty to inform Cash4Stash immediately so that the implicated sales items can be temporarily withdrawn from the site. Should the circumstances change and the seller is available again, the sales items can be re-instated upon request.

Buyer Protection

If a buyer is not satisfied with any purchased item, he or she can return it to the seller within 72 hours of the time of payment. It is the policy of Cash4Stash is that we will ask no questions and simply reverse the transaction upon fulfillment of two conditions:  (a) The product must be returned to the seller within the72 hours window and (b) the return form on the website must be completed within the same 72 hour window. The seller will have no recourse and is therefore obliged to take the product back. If these two conditions as described above are not met strictly, Cash4Stash will not be involved any more and any following dispute becomes a matter to be resolved entirely between the buyer and the seller. Cash4stash denies any responsibility for any damage or loss by any party.  Any obstruction placed on a buyer to prevent him or her to either receive or otherwise return the product to the seller, will be seen as a serious offense and may lead to the suspension of a seller. The Cash4stash management will only entertain input from both parties if a dispute occurred within the 72 hour window. The ruling of Cash4Stash in cases of a any dispute will be final without getting into any extended correspondence or debates. 
After these two conditions upon the buyer are met, Cash4Stash will first verify the state of affairs with the seller and forthwith cancel the sale. The buyer will be reimbursed with the price of the item before costs. The 10%  that is added as gateway and administrative costs cannot be refunded.

Sellers may not list items that is not their legal property.  Should the seller engage in any illegal practices and it becomes known to Cash4Stash, the seller will be suspended and no longer be able to advertise on Cash4Stash. No items may be listed that is illegal to sell, culturally offensive, family-browsing unfriendly, related to pornography or related to racial or gender discrimination. Cash4Stash will have sole discretion to determine which items resort under this classification. Such items will not be published. Discretion to determine what is suitable for publication and what is not, rests fully with the management of Cash4Stash and will not be discussed or debated with sellers. Cash4stash also reserves the right to terminate its services to any given seller if we perceive that a seller is not complying with the rules or the spirit in which we would like to do business. Cash4stash will not be obliged to give reasons for such a suspension.

When a seller wants to terminate his or her selling activity with Cash4Stash, it can be done by simply contacting us and letting us know that we must remove all the advertisements. If the Cash4Stash website wants to terminate its own services for any reason whatsoever, no customer, whether it is a buyer, a seller or an organisation that received benefits, will have any claim against it save for funds that resulted from sales that has not yet been paid out.

Donating to a third party

A seller has the option to:

  1. Pocket the full sales return themselves
  2. Donate a percentage of the full sales return to a third party charitable organisation, ministry or good cause.
  3. The seller can select to donate either 10%, 25%, 50% or 100% of the full sales return.
  4. The seller can nominate the charitable cause and percentage when registering as a seller.
  5. Cash4Stash will automatically split the payments between the seller and the cause (if applicable).
  6. If no cause is specified, the full payment will go towards the seller's bank account.
  7. Weekly sales reports will be issued to sellers and monthly reports to charitable organisations.

Buyers are not affected by this donation programme in any way. It is only a method that sellers can employ if they want to.

Responsibility of Cash4Stash

Cash4Stash will publish the goods of a registered seller on the website. Cash4Stash will strive to publish the goods as quickly as possible. However, the time it takes between the uploading of the information by the seller and the publication thereof on the website is dependent on a number of factors that may involve delays. 

Cash4Stash will publish the goods with a price that is 10%  higher than the asking price of the seller. The figure may be rounded if necessary. The inflation of the price is necessary to compensate for credit card or other payment gateway costs, administrative costs and Cash4Stash commission. To explain: the credit card costs on a minimum transaction of R120.00 amounts to R7.13, VAT included.  This action makes it all the more imperative that the seller asking price of any given item must be low in comparison to its value.

Cash4Stash will pay the seller by EFT into the specified bank account.  Payments to both sellers and charitable organisations to whom they donate are normally done on a monthly basis, by the end of every calendar month. The balance of a seller's accumulated sales must exceed R500 to qualify for a normal monthly payout. In cases where the seller wants his or her full balance to be paid out at any given time of the month and even if it is less than R500,  the seller can put in a special request for immediate payout by email.  Such a payout will be done as soon as possible and be subject to an extra administrative handling fee of R50 which is to be deducted from the balance of the seller's account.

Disclaimer: Cash4Stash will not be held accountable for any loss or damage of any nature experienced by anyone for any reason whatsoever.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without any notification. It is the responsibility of the users of this site to check back from time to time and make sure that they are still happy to agree to all these stipulations.