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For centuries Trusts have been used to create and preserve wealth. When understanding wealthy people and wealth structures, you will notice the day they die, they have ‘nothing’, but during their lifetime they were entrusted with a lot.

Many investors have a vague idea that a trust is a good thing to have, but they do not realise that there is a huge difference between HAVING a trust and USING a trust correctly. If you do not manage your trust correctly, and there is a personal claim against you, the court might declare your trust invalid and you will be personally liable for the claim. In this way you might lose all the assets in your mismanaged trust.

To assist our members in understanding how a trust works and enabling them to manage a trust correctly, P3 has developed a TRUST MANAGEMENT KIT which consists of the following:

1 What is a trust?
2 Why use a trust instead of a close corporation or company?
3 How can a trust protect your assets?
4 How do you have to structure a trust to protect your assets?
5 Which types of trust are there and what are their differences?
6 What are the advantages of trusts?
7 What are the disadvantages of trusts?
8 How do you set up a trust?
9 Who are the role players in a trust?
10 What are the duties of trustees?
11 How do you manage a trust?
12 How do you terminate a trust?
13 How are trusts taxed?
14 Frequently asked questions about trusts.

The complete P3 TRUST MANAGEMENT KIT is available on CD to P3 club members at only R570-00. Non P3 members pay R740-00. VAT and postage is included.

To order your kit simply email Mia at mia@hope.co.za