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"I became a member of P3 because as a member of the financial services industry that deals with retirement planning on a daily basis, I understand the P3 philosophy and why it is a better value proposition then what is available from my industry." - Paul Venter
"Early this year I had the privilege to purchase and read your book “From Poverty To Property” and since then I truly believed that finally I will make a breakthrough into property investments and that culminated into joining P3 investment club as a member entitled to priceless knowledge, principles and techniques to help me cross that bridge and move into action and with that I have managed to acquire a home loan to secure a property which is currently on transfer process." - Oscar Ramela

"I became really interested in property, in particular investment property, some three years ago. I began reading and researching strategies, courses and opportunities. I joined P3 toward the end of 2007.

To date I have acquired 5 income generating properties. I intend increasing that by a further 5-7 properties in the next few years.Using the P3 strategy will ensure that I retire earlier, alternatively when I chose. In addition, I will be able to do so financially comfortable." - Aminah Raphael

"I think P3 is a fantastic opportunity and should be shared with as many people as possible, who wouldn't want to build a better future for themselves" - Donovan Bahlmann
After attending the free seminar, I signed up immediately as a member. P3 had given me the freedom to develop into somebody I always dreamed of- an entrepreneur and wealth creator. The P3 way not only reinforced my goals, but equipped me with the necessary skills to build enormous wealth through property.

To date, my P3 experience has been a revelation and meeting many like-minded people along the way has been a wonderful ongoing experience. It is amazing to see how my passion for property has accelerated to the extent where I’d love to share your concept with as many people as possible. - Mario RabboliniRoberto Lanzillotti

In early 2007, after much frustration and prayer, I attended an information seminar and became a member of a property investment group that has provided me with the tools to become a long term buy-to-let property investor, minimizing the use of my own finances by maximizing the use of the bank’s finances as well as the tenants finance. This, of course, is the P3 Investment Group. I currently own 8 properties, thanks to P3. - Thandi MosalaUnathi Ngwenya