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One of the main reasons why many people are hesitant to invest in property is the fear of having tenants who will damage or destroy their hard earned assets. Urban legends of tenants wrecking properties are common, yet experienced property investors will tell you that these are by far the exceptions and not the rule. Most of us have, at some time or another, rented someone else's property. Ask yourself, did you wreck your rented accommodation?

The second concern of potential property investors is that the tenant may fail to pay and the owner will not only suffer financial losses, but will also have to initiate a costly legal process to evict the unwanted tenants.

The P3 Solution

Over a period of several years P3 has developed a complete rental management process, which neutralizes these concerns to a large extent. By simply following a specific process and taking a few simple steps, one can reduce the risks of getting that bad tenant in the first place. Secondly, by taking out rental insurance, you cover yourself for all rental losses as well as legal costs for evictions.

The P3 Rental Management Kit is a comprehensive rental management system designed for the landlord owning a few rental properties, as well as for the large rental agency, managing a large portfolio of properties. The complete product is available to P3 club members at only R570-00. Non P3 members pay R740-00. VAT and postage is included.

To order yours contact Mia at (011) 979 1216 or email mia@hope.co.za

The P3 Rental Management Kit consists of the following:
1 The complete "how to" rental process described in detail
2 Sample robust lease agreements and addendums to protect the landlord
3 A check list for inspection, which you can use when signing the rental contract
4 Forms you can use to make changes to the rental contract, notices etc.
5 Procedure of screening potential tenants
6 Information about doing credit checks on your would-be tenants
7 Streetwise advice on how to get rid of problem tenants
8 Details of rental insurance
9 Implications of the Consumer Protection Act
10 Details of the PIE (Prevention of Illegal Eviction) Act
11 Details of the RHA (Rental Housing Act
12 And much more

Brief summary of the rental management process

The first important step is to market your property as effectively as possible. There are many different ways to achieve this and we explain the pros and the cons of each of them.

The most important step in the whole process is how to screen prospective tenants. Every one of us has heard of the horrors of problem tenants who did all sorts of ghastly things to properties, did not pay and would not leave. With a thorough screening system in place, this nightmare can be limited quite effectively.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that signing the contract is simply putting pen to paper. Find out how to cover yourself from losses and how to be a truly professional landlord at the same time.

Managing the rental process is more than just keeping your tenants. It also entails managing conflict between you and the tenants, changing the rental contract and managing the money as effectively as possible.

The termination of a rental contract is not always a "happily ever after" ending. Due to unforeseen circumstances, you may sometimes need to evict tenants. Contrary to popular belief, the law is not always on the side of the tenants. Know your rights as a landlord.

Many owners of residential property are not aware that you can actually insure your rental income. This is the final step in the rental process. Know how to make sure that you will never be caught off guard without rental income.

The P3 Rental Management Kit is a cost effective and professional method of managing the whole rental process.


With the P3 Rental Management Kit you will enjoy the benefits of investing in income producing assets which offer much higher returns than traditional investment instruments, as well as having peace of mind.