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Your launch pad to a secure financial future


As a P3 club member you will:

Learn how to establish your own successful buy-to-let business
Discover tried and tested principles and techniques of true wealth creation
Receive personal guidance and be shown how to reach your personal goals for financial freedom.
Replace your current income with a passive income stream that keeps growing with inflation
Secure your business venture with structures that will outlive your own life
Be assisted in overcoming each and every perceived obstacle along the way
Experience how P3 can help you obtain several bonds
Discover the perfect solution to non-paying or vandalising tenants
Learn how to make objective property acquisition decisions


By purchasing our Property-in-a-Box for R6 960 or paying 24 monthly instalments of R290 you get free membership to the P3 Investment club for 2 years with all the benefits as listed above, plus the following:

Property-in-a-Box consists of the following:

The bestseller book Property: Your Key to Wealth by Pieter Louw. This book teaches you everything you need to know to about successful property investment. It explains in plain language our unique system of ultra low risk property investment.  
The P3 Business Manual which gives a step by step explanation how to set up your buy-to-let business.  
The Property Wealth Manager software package which helps you to take all the guesswork out of property investment. This software enables you to "look into the future" to see how your investment will perform over time. It has several innovative features to help you to manage a large property portfolio.    

Personal guidance consists of the following:
Free personal mentorship with our FSB accredited P3 financial advisors. During the first session your personal Roadmap to Wealth will be formulated - based on your unique circumstances. You also gain free access to our P3 mentorship programme.  
Ongoing e-mail support by contracted legal and financial experts and us.  

Ongoing Club Benefits consists of the following:
Excellent property investment opportunities procured from all over South Africa - and emailed to you regularly. These properties are sourced and screened by P3 License Holders to comply with our strict ScoreCard standards for property investment.
We facilitate the whole transaction for you. This includes Bond Application at all the major banks to secure the best interest rate for you – free of charge.
Access to the P3 Rental Insurance, which guarantees your income, irrespective if the tenant pays or not.
Free annual Advanced Property workshop
Regular club newsletters, featuring current market investment strategies, tips and advice, market trends, property news etc.
More than 30% discount on all P3 advanced educational products.

The prestige P3 Club offers its members a One-Stop Service which gives them all the knowledge and tools they need to make the right business decisions. The P3 system will transform you into a successful property business owner. We also have full time property scouts countrywide, sourcing excellent buy-to-let properties. As a club member you will have direct access to the best P3 approved investment properties in the country!

The bottom line:
For only R290 per month (as well as some commitment from you) P3 will securely guide you towards creating a passive income which will lead to your complete financial freedom.