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November 2014

Listed property returns with added benefits

The quest for simplicity in retirement saving

October 2014

Retirement & Investment and Property Expo visitors discover a real, practical alternative

Stable, predictable and high returns

September 2014

How to avoid joining the 60% of pensioners struggling to survive

How would you invest R5000 a month?

August 2014

Capital Growth or Income Have your cake and eat it

Property investment - passive or direct

July 2014

Is property a good investment - a clear perspective

P3 Moneyweb article

June 2014

Planning for retirement through property investment

What retirement reform will cost you

May 2014

How to avoid investment scams

March 2014

Investment property returns

What will your pension fund deliver

Invest in property for retirement

February 2014

Is there still hope for retirement

Listed property returns without the volatility

January 2014

New Years Resolutions 2014

Intelligent investment in 2014

November 2013

7 Secrets of the Wealthy for a better financial future

The real cost of advice and active management

October 2013

Secrets of the Wealthy - Understand the time value of money

Choose the right investment alternative

September 2013

Secrets of the Wealthy - Never-ending passive income

Seven reasons why direct property investment is a superior alternative

August 2013

Secrets of the Wealthy - Work smart, not hard

Hedge against inflation

July 2013

Secrets of the Wealthy - Gearing

An investment sans the fees

June 2013

Secrets of the Wealthy - Passive Income for Life

A built-in balanced mandate

May 2013

Secrets of the Wealthy - Keep control of your money

The high return investment

April 2013

Secrets of the Wealthy - Invest in yourself

The lower risk investment

March 2013

Secrets of the Wealthy - A long-term perspective

A simple but effective investment alternative

February 2013

Secrets of the Wealthy - Invest in Property

A Proven System to Create Wealth

January 2013

Gifts that will last beyond the Silly Season

Lower your expectations or look for alternatives


Financial Freedom - A can-do investment alternative

Property investment - Keeping firm control of your investments

The risk-less alternative

Financial Freedom - How the rich get richer

Infinite investment returns

Financial freedom - Ongoing, inflation-linked passive income

The numbers don't lie

Financial freedom - Making money work for you

Property - The goose that lays the golden eggs

Financial freedom - Why SA can't retire

What are your investment criteria

Financial freedom - The right time to buy property

Replicate the success of the listed property companies

Financial freedom - Savings gift to South Africans during National Savings Month

What investors can learn this Womens Day

Financial freedom - What heritage are you leaving

A reassessment of investment strategies required

Financial freedom with the right kind of debt

Build your own guaranteed income investment portfolio

The odds are stacking up against traditional retirement funding

Is now the time to consider property investments

Financial Freedom - Investing for the future when you have no money to invest

Property investment - A dynamic investment with multiple streams of returns

Property investment professionals stay on top of their game

Financial Freedom - Parting with your hard-earned money

Property investment professionals tap into networks for success

Safe as houses

Financial Freedom - You cant save up for retirement

Property investment is a business - Managing property cycles

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Property investment is a business - Tenant issues sorted

Investments to be very, very wary of

Financial Freedom - Are you an asset owner or a liability owner

Property investment disproving the conventional wisdom of high risk

Property investment is a business - Manage your risk

Financial Freedom - Making your money work for you

Property investment Tax Efficient

Property investment is a business - Implement a system that works

Financial Freedom

Property investment myths busted

Property investment is a business - Get the right partners

Making a living vs getting a life

Why property is a great investment

Tapping into the key to wealth - Other Peoples Time

Big News - Buy to let is a profitable business

Business Report - Fresh approach needed for financial freedom after retirement

Finweek (Afrikaans) - Tyd om in te klim

Finweek (English) - Time to jump back in

Gauteng Business News - Trusts the answer for buy to let business

ITInews - The risk of property investment - myth and reality

Mail and Guardian - Renting for retirement

Mail and Guardian Online - How to deal with tardy tenants

Moneyweek - Should we buy now

Sowetan Business - Property market on the way to recovery

Times of Ladysmith - Buy now because never has so much been available for so cheap

Witness Weekend Money - Trusts the answer for buy to let business