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P3 Consult

P3 Consult, a division of the P3 Investment Group,
was established to assist our P3 Investment Club members
individually to reach their goals of financial freedom through property investment.

P3 Consult is specifically dedicated to provide personal property investment guidance and mentorship to all our club members at
no extra cost!

P3 Consult is a registered Financial Services Provider
(FSB no.33046)
and will focus on comprehensive Portfolio Management, Property Investment Planning, Training and Support according to our Roadmap to Wealth™


Through P3 Consult you will gain access to the following services:

Financial planning, mentoring and property advice
Trust and Accounting services
Multiple bond strategy
Life insurance
Rental Insurance

What this means to you.

Each P3 member will be allocated to a specific Portfolio Manager who will be your Personal Mentor and who will provide you with ongoing expert assistance to reach your goal of financial freedom through property investment. The free individual guidance and support is available to you for as long as you are a P3 club member!

How do I make use of this service?

All new club members will be contacted via the normal procedure explained at the presentations, to set up the first appointment with their mentor.

Existing club members
You can now set up a new appointment (regardless whether it is your first or a follow-up appointment) to meet your Personal Mentor. Please e-mail Mia at consult@hope.co.za requesting your consultation. Please state the following clearly in your e-mail:

Your membership number
Your contact number
Your area
Date of previous consultation
With whom you had your consultation

P3 Consult services the following areas on a regular basis:

East London
Port Elizabeth
Cape Town

If you do not live in one of these areas, you will have to travel to your nearest centre for your consultation and mentorship. This will only be required about once a year.

Please make use of this great service offering from P3.

If you do not live in SA you can request a consultation via Skype.

P3 Consult: Your Wealth is our Reward!