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You can join the club by either attending an introductory presentation (recommended) or by downloading the subscription form and fax or email it back to us directly.

1 Attending a P3 presentation will provide you with the opportunity to meet a P3 representative personally. By listening to the presentation, you will become enlightened about the P3 concept in more detail. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and satisfy all your concerns. A P3 presentation may either be a meeting that comprises of varying numbers of prospective members or could be a personal one-on-one explanation of the system, depending on the number of people who request information at the same time.

Simply phone our office at 0861 007 729 during office hours or book for a presentation.
2 To subscribe directly you need to click here to download the subscription form. Complete it, print it and fax to 011 979 3057 or email to club@hope.co.za. As soon as we have your details we will send you a welcoming e-mail and immediately post your “Property-in-a-Box” to you and you will have all the above benefits of club membership.
In the unlikely event of having sent the form to P3 without getting a prompt response, please phone the office (011 979 1216 ) to make sure that we have received your fax because faxes are notoriously unreliable or illegible.

Click Here to read more about the benefits of belonging to the P3 Investment Club.