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The P3 Investment Group is the leading property investment club in South Africa. We offer comprehensive services free as part of our club membership. We are the only club which builds a personal relationship with every club member and assists our members individually to reach his/her goals.

The Company:

P3 was established in 2003 when the founder, Pieter Louw, discovered a new property investment method that made it possible for a person earning a normal salary to obtain several bonds from the bank and get tenants to pay off the bonds.

Pieter put this method of wealth creation into practice, and created an innovative and progressive company, focused on the principle of teaching others how to acquire assets by using the bank's money and using tenants to pay off the bonds.

Today P3 has its Head Office in Kempton Park. It has 21 franchises (License Holders) country-wide and more than 80 P3 Representatives who all form part of the P3 family, with the sole purpose of empowering ordinary South Africans to secure their future through the right kind of property investments.

The People:

Pieter Louw is the founder of P3. He initiated and co-authored the bestseller "From Poverty to Property".
He also developed a revolutionary new software package specifically for Property Investors. His latest book "Property: Your Key to Wealth" contains his latest thinking and strategies of property investment.

Koos du Toit is the CEO of P3. His excitement about the P3 concept, coupled with his background in psychology and management, makes him the ideal person to lead P3 into the future. His aim is to change the current norms of investment and make property the cornerstone of wealth creation and retirement planning for all.
Cyril Jasper is the Manager of P3 Consult. He has a lifetime of experience to share with his dynamic team of P3 Portfolio Managers. By using residential property as investment vehicle and appropriate risk cover, he has developed a unique and comprehensive financial planning strategy, (P3 Roadmap to Wealth), which ensures an inflation linked passive income for life and beyond - for all those who implement their action plans.

At P3 we are changing the way people think about money...read more